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About Banqonit

Late in 1997 the first internet credit card transaction through the New Zealand banking system, was verified and cleared by BANQONIT™.

Since that time, BANQONIT has achieved both rapid growth and enviable milestones in the e-commerce marketplace including the highest number of transactions in a single day, and the highest single transaction amount.

As New Zealand's leading internet payment gateway, BANQONIT has been used to pay for everything from concert tickets, tickets to test matches, parking fees and official statistical bulletins.

What is Banqonit?

Simply put, BANQONIT is an Internet-based Electronic Payments Facility to the New Zealand banking system. BANQONIT provides a simple, secure and low cost mechanism for organisations and individuals to validate and process credit card transactions in real time via the Internet

In technical terms

It is a secure, stand alone or web integrated system, for the real time or batch mode authorisation and processing of (credit) card holder not present transactions.

BANQONIT users may enter and process credit card details directly into a secure web page in batch mode or fully integrate their web sites to the gateway for bulk processing of payments for goods and services. This bulk processing option is ideal for web designers and developers who need standard HTML commands to produce e-commerce enabled web pages.

Who is Banqonit for?

BANQONIT is ideal for any "non store based" sales or membership organisation, involved in e-Commerce or anyone who processes orders received by mail, telephone, fax or the Internet. Examples include:

  • Retail call centres, mail order merchants, fulfillment houses and catalogue merchants
  • Telemerchants where a phone operator can source an authorisation number or complete a transaction while talking to a customer on the telephone
  • Data processors who service the likes of wine clubs and subscription services
  • Web designers and developers requiring standard HTML commands which they can use to produce e-commerce enabled Web pages

Our Clients

Health Parking Transport


With the move into online sales, we have seen our customer numbers and revenues increase dramatically. Banqonit provides the reliability and security we need to be able to concentrate on what we do best, sell lots of flowers! We highly recommend Banqonit!

- Peter Hindle


I would highly recommend Banqonit for their reliability and the can-do attitude they have always displayed towards assisting our fast-growing business.

- Sarah Conley


Great System, its saving us money over Digital River in the US that we use to use, and we get our funds in 48hours as opposed to 4 weeks. Brilliant !!!

- Frank Stevens